Top 15 U.S. Gran Fondos for 2017, Rollfast Gran Fondo 8th in Country February 07 2017, 0 Comments

Top 15 U.S. Gran Fondos for 2017

Each of these rides have achieved great things in their own special way

Each year we like to reflect on the previous season, recognizing those rides that have innovated, inspired and motivated cyclists, supported worthy causes and contributed to the phenomenal growth of the U.S. Gran Fondo scene.

So make sure you add at least one of these to your Bucket List this year.

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RFGF Finisher Medals

#8. Rollfast Gran Fondo

September 17th 2017 - Carmel, Indiana

Rollfast [noun] - a cycling brand that promotes events, creates opportunities for youth, offers stylish apparel and always rocks hard.

The Rollfast Gran Fondo has been ranked a Top 10 in the Country for the past 3 years. With three routes to choose from. The Piccolo, The Medio and The Gran you can ride any pace you choose. Each route has plenty of rest stops stocked with food and drinks. One even has fried chicken!

After the ride, catch your breath in the recovery tent with NormaTec boots, recovery drink, a quick massage and chiro adjustment. Then grab a beer, make a plate of food and enjoy the live band and a streaming Fondo video. The Gran Fondo includes; Professionally designed routes, Police controlled start/finish, Motorcycle escort, Support trucks, Chip timing with live results, Rest stops with lunch provided, Finisher Medal, Post ride meal and beer, Festival access, Live video feed from the front of Sub4 group.

SUB4 Challenge

The Rollfast Gran Fondo has always been a fast ride. The course is flat and sheltered from wind by tall Indiana corn. In 2015 a challenge was submitted to finish in under 4 hours. Several local teams worked together and 25 finished under the 4 hour mark.

By 2016, the legend had spread across the borders of the United States into Canada and even Puerto Rico. “This is one fast event.” New riders traveled and conquered the SUB4 Challenge.

In 2017 we will provide added neutral moto support. Live video feeds will give the feel of a World Tour event on the front of the pack and finishers will be rewared with a custom belt buckle for their efforts.

To keep the pace high the Gran Fondo was paced the entire ride by the B.O.M.B Motorcycle club. A dozen sweet, custom and very loud Harley bikes lighting it up to ensure the lead two groups had the road, stopping traffic, for ALL 100 miles.

31 riders finished in the SUB4 Club including founder Matt Tanner, Cinch Cycling's Tom Danielson and the legend that is Bob Roll, riding alongside riders from Zipp Team, TOAD cycling, Team Phoenix, Hero’s, Team Nebo Ridge and a few other strong teams. The fastest time for 100 miles was 3h 52m and 48s. That’s fast!

This year riders that complete the Sub4 Challenge will receive a custom belt buckle for their efforts. Following the tradition of races like Leadville, the Rollfast Sub4 buckle will be designed with Indiana inspiration and the Sub4 Logo.

This legendary ride is so popular it sells out way in advance every year. This year there are 800 places available.


The Rollfast Gran Fondo realizes that not everybody is a world class athlete capable of rolling at a 26mph average. But that doesn't mean you can't set a PR. In fact, so MANY finished their first ever SUB5 hour century. That is no small feat either. In 2017, Rollfast will be recognizing all finishers that break the 5hr barrier as well!

So, if you are gunning for the SUB4 Club, or just trying to set a PR, the Rollfast Gran Fondo is quickly becoming the premier event in North America to turn your fastest century time ever. Sign up and come ride your fastest century ever!

For more information please visit -

The vision of the Rollfast Gran Fondo is building a happier and healthier world through cycling. Matt and Chris Tanner founded the Rollfast Gran Fondo with the objective of sharing their passion for riding bikes in arguably one of the prettiest landscapes in the Mid-West.

Rollfast Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance wellness by promoting bicycling as a means to good mental and physical health through events that also create opportunities for the youth of Indiana. Their vision is to create a cycling legacy in Indiana. What started as a hobby creating cycling inspired t-shirts quickly lead to a cycling club and then one of the top rated cycling events in the United States. With this momentum, they have been able to accelerate the development of many young cyclists. No longer are there only scholarships for football, basketball and baseball. Rollfast is closing the mainstream sports gap by offering scholarships to youth age 15-18 to further their cycling dreams.

Last year Rollfast were able to sponsor Jacob Hoggard. Hoggard a Carmel native who has been racing since 2013. He began his career riding for the Rollfast Cycling Club. He currently races for First Internet Bank, whose colors he carried by taking part in the Tour de l’Abitibi Desjardins. Abitibi is the only North American stop on the prestigious UCI Juniors Nations cup circuit. Comprised of seven stages—all of which take place in Europe except Abitibi—the Juniors Nations Cup is an international road cycling race that draws thousands of participants from 40 countries. His debut in Abitibi let him shine an international spotlight on his talent and the larger pool of world class cyclists living and training in Indiana.

The contribution Rollfast teammates made to his training and ability to compete at this level are undeniable.