Rollfast connects local youth with pro cyclist Tom Danielson and Cinch Cycling February 19 2016, 0 Comments

Rollfast connects local youth with pro cyclist Tom Danielson and Cinch Cycling

Rollfast Inc : February 19, 2016 8:37am

February 19, 2016 -- Rollfast has made an introduction of a lifetime to pro cyclist Tom Danielson (aka Tommy D) for local junior cyclist Spencer Miller.
Spencer Miller in Tucson before climbing Kitt Peak
Spencer Miller is a Zionsville Indiana youth that is hooked on cycling. He’s determined and his dream is to make it to the pro level. “I want to be a professional cyclist and race in Europe,” said Miller. In 2013 Miller was introduced to Rollfasts’ founder Matt Tanner at a social event. Tanner quickly saw the passion in this young kid and wanted to teach him all he could about the sport of cycling. Miller joined the Rollfast Cycling Club and was introduced to many other long time cyclists that could help mentor and nurture his skills. Miller went on to say, “I wasn’t very promising or fast on the bike, but Matt took me in. He gave me a jersey and team to ride for. He gave me a chance to ride with Rollfast where there was no pressure for results. Just a bunch of guys who love to ride and improve themselves. He didn’t bring me onto the team because I was a good rider, but he brought me onto the team to supply me with the tools to get better every day.” As Miller progressed over the years, he began winning races. “His power to weight is now incredible,” said Tanner. “He has a real gift for staying in a very strong group and bridging to breaks when needed. It was a real treat to see him do his first real climbing out in Arizona in January. He was like a duck to water and dropped us all.”

While in Tucson Arizona at the Cinch Cycling Camp, Tom Danielson saw the potential and asked him to stay for a few more weeks to train. "It's been a great experience so far working with Spencer,” said Tom Danielson. “I met him as he was a guest at the Cinch Cycling Camp with the Rollfast group. After a few rides I could see he had immense talent and watched him progress greatly throughout the week. I really enjoyed working one on one with Spencer and that inspired me to start a personalized coaching component to the Cinch Cycling business. In the four short weeks I have seen Spencer already increase his power greatly and last week he finished high up in the Valley of the Sun race. I believe Spencer has what it takes to make it to the World Tour and at Cinch Cycling we are motivated to help him get there."

About Rollfast Inc

Rollfast Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance wellness by promoting bicycling as a means to good mental and physical health through events that also create opportunities for the youth of Indiana. Our vision is to create a cycling legacy in Indiana. What started as a hobby creating cycling inspired t-shirts quickly lead to a cycling club and then one of the top rated cycling events in the United States. With this momentum, we have been able to accelerate the development of many young cyclists. No longer are there only scholarships for football, basketball and baseball. Rollfast is closing the mainstream sports gap by offering scholarships to youth age 15-18 to further their cycling dreams. For additional information please visit or email

About Cinch Cycling

Cinch Cycling is cycling camp and coaching program designed for cyclists of all levels and skills sets. Cinch Cycling takes the intimidation factor out of cycling breaks it down into its key components: fitness, nutrition, skills, recovery, equipment and community. Our mission is to combine our knowledge garnered from riding at cycling’s highest level with our passion for helping people create goals and equipping them with the tools for a lifetime of cycling success.  The techniques learned in the program have translated riders leaving with stronger fitness, weight loss; better bike handling, race results and a new found passion for cycling. For additional information please visit or contact

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Rollfast Gran Fondo News - February 2016 February 04 2016, 0 Comments

The 2016 RFGF Theme

We are rolling out our new theme for 2016. The message is "The Century of a Lifetime". Our design was created by Lars Lawson at Timber Design Co. The design shows a cyclist ticking off the miles on the way to 100. Highlighted in the design are the other route options at 25 and 65 miles. Our theme for 2016 is intended to be more inviting to ALL cyclists including families that would like to experience the thrill of a Fondo.

This years theme will be seen around Central Indiana on posters as well as in some local media advertising. If you would like a poster to display at your home, office, church or school just email us and we'll get one shipped out to you.

Rollfast Gran Fondo Jersey and Shorts

In addition to the new theme, we have posted the new Jersey and Short designs. These items were designed by Rollfast and will be produced by Hincapie Sportswear. You can purchase the jersey and shorts at our registration partner: CCN (!/events/rollfast-gran-fondo/store)

Website Redesign!

Clearly we've been busy in the land of Illustrator and Photoshop. We've also been up late at night doing some coding. The Rollfast Gran Fondo website has taken a major upgrade. For all you techies out there, we now have a responsive site featuring parallax elements! 

If you haven't seen it yet, head over to and take a look. Let us know if you like it or if you see any problems! We are still working a few bugs out as expected.

Rollfast Closing the Mainstream Sports Gap

No longer do you only have scholarships for football, basketball and baseball. Rollfast is closing the mainstream sports gap by offering scholarships to students to further their cycling dreams.


Rollfast is a 501(c)(3) organization with a mission to enhance wellness by promoting bicycling as a means to good mental and physical health by producing events that also create opportunities for the youth of Indiana.

Rollfast is organized as a public benefit corporation exclusively for the following charitable purposes, including the making of distributions to organizations a) promoting health and physical fitness; b) promoting and raising funds for training programs for bicycle skills, fitness and safety, junior rider development, sponsoring charitable community bicycle events.

For more information on our grants, or to donate please visit:


Rollfast Training Camp: Flight from the Trainers March 18 2014, 0 Comments

Flight from the trainers

A gaggle of Rollfast Cyclists (17 in all) gathered at Rollfast headquarters in frigid Carmel, IN at 6 AM to load up the Rollfast deluxe trailer with our faithful steads. We were going in search of better weather, lumpier roads and adventure. Fueled by Matt’s finely brewed coffee we set off for the mountains of North and South Carolina.

Day 1

We set off in the chilled air. We were delayed by a few flat tires, but undeterred we pressed on toward Skyuka Mountain Road. We were heading for the mountains, some of us for the first time.

PAIN.  That is what I felt climbing up Skyuka.  Skyuka is steep and 5.4 miles long. For a shlub like me that is a challenge. Pain….but what fun!  I enjoyed the beautiful scenery and the challenge. I also enjoyed seeing the junior riders charging up their first real mountain!

After some rollers our next challenge was Green River Cove Road. 2.4 miles and 17 switchbacks of cycling nirvana. At the end of the day I had ridden 70 miles and climbed 6,700 feet.

I was tired when we returned to the cabin. OK, I was destroyed. However after a shower, 30 minutes in the NormaTec boots, and excellent cuisine, I felt…almost normal.

Day 2

Refueled by Chris (Rollfast owner and chef supreme) we were in for a special treat. We assembled at the base of Paris Mountain for a rendezvous with George and Rich Hincapie. Also joining us were some of the Hincapie Development riders. George gave the order to do a quick warm-up (100 meter U-Turn) and then attack Paris Mountain. My stiff legs were displeased with this plan but when a Tour de France stage winner says go, you GO. What a thrill to set a PR on a climb I’ve done numerous times with Big George waiting for me at the top!

We then had the thrill of riding with George, Rich and their young riders on George’s ‘secret’ roads. The scenery was great and the roads challenging. The highlight for me was hitting the Watershed climb at the front and stringing it out for the group, then pulling off and watching George, the Devo riders, and my teammates attack the climb.

As I worked my way up the climb I thought of the privilege of riding in this setting with this collection of teammates and world class cyclists. My thoughts went four weeks back in the past. I was lying in a bed in a heart hospital with patients dying around me. Grinding up the climb I couldn’t get the smile off of my face and the feeling that I am one fortunate shlub!

After finishing the Watershed climb I headed back to George’s hotel and restaurant with a few teammates while some of the stronger Rollfast riders continued on with George for some bonus climbing. We all regrouped for a fantastic lunch and camaraderie at Restaurant 17. George was gracious enough to spend some more time with us as we admired his hotel grounds.



From the hotel we cruised the 20 miles back to the Rollfast trailer-less aerodynamic due to the huge smiles we all had. While I relaxed at the trailer and reminisced with some teammates about the fantastic day, a number of the Rollfast mountain goats hit Paris Mountain for a second time. BALLERS.

Day 3

45 degrees and raining. What should we do? Ride! We decided to keep the ride short and hit a coffee shop. All told we rode 22 miles with 2,000 feet of climbing in cold, soaking wet conditions. The looks on the faces of the people in the coffee shop as we walked in from the gloom was PRICELESS.

Saluda Grade is a great climb and I enjoyed climbing it (helped raise my core temperature!). Descending it in the rain was actually fun once we got going-except for how cold it made me. Thankfully I had a cappuccino to warm me up-courtesy of young Jacob who took pity on this cold shlub.





It was a fantastic camp. I enjoyed the cycling and the chance to spend time with some wonderful people. I have not been, nor shall I ever be a professional cyclist. I’m 44 years old with a quirky back and a questionable ticker. However, as the Rollfast team cruised the mountains and valleys of North and South Carolina. As we rubbed elbows with world class cyclists. As we refueled on and off the bike with top notch cuisine, this shlub felt like Big George himself…only a little chubbier.


Posted by Jay Dunbar, @cervelo17








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