CINCH Cycling Camps - Branding and Kits December 15 2015, 0 Comments

CINCH Cycling KitRollfast was recently approached by pro cyclist Tom Danielson aka "Tommy D" to help out with some design work. The job entailed creating a brand for his new cycling camp named "CINCH".

The philosophy behind the new company is that things can be broken down into simple accomplish able tasks making the end result a "CINCH".

As all great designers experience, the ideas were swirling around when the vision of a mark came to the forefront while in the shower.

A letter "C" with the symbol for measurement in inches inside it. It was simple, just like the philosophy of the camps. Not only was it simple, it was somewhat cryptic and in Tom's words "It was BALLER". 

After the mark was created, several color variations produced. Tom was looking for something that isn't out there yet. Trendy, but not over played. We landed on a variation of greens and brown with classic black and white.

Once the mark was approved, we transferred it into a simple design on Castelli kits for production. Hats and kits are on order and soon you'll be able to purchase them online.

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