Camp Tommy D - Quick Recap February 11 2014, 0 Comments

January was a fast moving month - let me try to quickly recap it. Lots of snow and cold hit us back home thanks to the never ending polar vortex. Why not go to Tucson and ride with one of the greatest American cyclists currently in the peloton?


I got to know Tom Danielson when I was at George Hincapie's Gran Fondo. He was full of energy, excited to meet fans and always texting on his phone. As we talked, we discussed the rise of Fondo's in the United States. I told him about the Rollfast Gran Fondo and he was pumped to be a part of it.


Then he told me a little about his training camp. I've been to a few training camps and really felt like I didn't have much to gain, but man was I wrong. He stressed that it was more than just riding up Mount Lemmon and racking miles in the warm sun.


Convinced I could bring a few more Rollfast guys with me, Tom agreed to put on a special camp just for our club that wasn't on the calendar. A few emails, conference calls and indoor trainer sessions later and we were on a plane out to Tucson!

Tom's camp revolves around recovery even more so than training. That's the big take away. I won't give up all his secrets, but nutrition is key and we were eating like Tom does with Garmin's own Chef Sean who was flown in from Spain just for our trip.


After 5 days living like a pro with full support, recovery tools, a personal chef and professional coaches - we were all changed cyclists. Riding smarter, faster and LIGHTER than before we came.


5 weeks later, I was still living the plan. Eating right. Recovering right. Training right. I decided to test my Threshold power. Not only did it increase (significantly), my weight was down 20lbs. 


As the Polar Vortex continues all I can do is watch my numbers in the local studios, but when I get back on the road I believe that I'll be riding faster than ever before. Thanks Tommy D!!